Wonderful Words

  I was thumbing through my worn Roget’s ‘Thesaurus’ book, looking for a better word than ‘group’ to describe multiples of ecologists or nature conservationists. I could not find a satisfactorily evocative word, even in the small-printed paragraph of ‘Some Less Common Group Nouns’. Despite the minute print size, this paragraph took my attention awayContinue reading “Wonderful Words”

Your Letters and Diaries are just as Valuable as Michael Palin’s Notebooks

Family history research is popular and enjoyable once you have got started and found your first ancestors. From historic records some people work out the age and history of their house or village, while others enthuse over old diaries or ships’ logs. Your children may use soldiers’ letters for a project on the First WorldContinue reading “Your Letters and Diaries are just as Valuable as Michael Palin’s Notebooks”

‘Escape To The Country’ – Here’s What You Might Find

              You imagine a house surrounded by woodlands and fields, a garden full of birdsong, hens in one corner and fresh eggs for breakfast, friendly neighbours and lovely places to walk the dogs without traffic. It sounds wonderful in comparison with city life. It is, but country life throwsContinue reading “‘Escape To The Country’ – Here’s What You Might Find”